My prints are in the New Art Shop | Holiday Edition in Newtonville from Nov 18 thru Dec 23, with work from over 50 artists and artisans.  Commissions from purchases help support the many programs of the New Art Center.  Click HERE for shop dates and times.

Five of the six galleries at right are framed art. The framed prints show size and retail value.

Most framed prints here are ready for shipment soon after you order them. Some were recently bought but can be recreated within their limited editions.  Most prints are available in other sizes to fit your space. Other sizes or framing will take a bit longer.

A gift of art brings ongoing joy, but it's hard to pick art for someone else.  Gift certificates let your special person pick the print that speaks to her/him. 

If you’d like to know more about these prints, please email me at

Thank you for visiting - I hope you enjoyed my art!